Briggs is the third one in the family to fall ill with a deep chest cold. Hunter was down for four days, then Cannon followed and was down two days and now Briggs. He’s miserable. His nose is running. His eyes are watering. And he’s starting to sound hoarse from coughing.

Last night he was struggling. I went in at midnight to take his temperature and he was so warm and uncomfortable. I pulled him out of bed, gave him a bath and snuggled with him in the chair for almost an hour. His legs dangled off my lap and his head sat past my shoulder and rested on the chair.

It wasn’t that long ago I sat in that same exact chair, in the middle of the night feeding him, night after night. I seem to have more energy now for an occasional midnight call knowing the next night I’ll sleep without interruptions. So I enjoyed the moment and at the same time prayed that his little body would fight this illness quickly so we can enjoy his happier moments.

He’s an angry sickie. Here’s to hoping the illness will end with him…