We have been fighting sickness for two whole weeks – it went through 5 of the 7 in the family and each and every person seemed to hold on to it for far too long. So it was a welcome relief to pick up my dad at the airport for our annual project week. Oh, how I’ve been looking forward to this week for the last couple months. I often have visions of grandeur and a massive project for my dad to help me tackle (the entertainment center, the shed, or the bookcase doors). But this year, we’re tackling a long tedious to-do list to finish up some loose ends from our remodel – its the stuff I really don’t want to do but really should do before I start any more projects!

We were cruising through my list…and then the rain came down. And came down. And hasn’t stopped. Which means my list had to be adjusted until we can get back outside without rain. I just looked at the forecast and it doesn’t look like there’s an end in sight in the next 24 hours. Not what I was hoping for. We’re going to have to get creative in cutting 17 ft moulding without it getting wet!