During the fall we had three kids in three different sports. Bennett played during the week, Hunter played Saturday mornings, and Hallie Saturday afternoons. There’s a reason why we don’t start kids playing sports until they’re in second grade – we’re already running around enough as it is!

Bennett has played backyard football with Hunter for a while now – and he was beyond excited to play “for reals”. I love flag football – I just wish it could stay at flag and not progress to tackle!

Hallie is still going strong in tennis. Steve has started playing doubles with her against his brother and son and every time he comes back so excited that they can play together – she’s competitive and he loves that they share this interest.

Although Hunter’s favorite sport is football – soccer is the sport he naturally excels in and I think I said the same thing after every game, “I love watching him play.” He’s fast and aggressive and he knows how to win the ball. I don’t know if he’ll stick with the sport long-term but I get excited at the thought of another season.