This afternoon Briggs was having a hard time going down for a nap. Before long, he was at the top of the stairs looking a little sheepish.

I walked up the stairs to put him back in his crib and he proudly said, “I got out all by myself!” Yes, he’s still in a crib because he has never climbed out and yesterday he turned three years old. It took him turning three to realize he was capable of climbing out on his own. I have a feeling a big boy bed is in his very near future!

Our little caboose turned three years old and all of the sudden he looks so grown up. Instead of mourning the loss of the terrible twos – we will happily move on and catalog all of the crying pictures!

Here’s a little look back at his first three years…

Here’s a snapshot of our new three-year-old:

He’s got a big personality and he knows how to use his voice – we’re working on that voice not being a scream. 🙂

His older siblings cater to him and at the same time the tease him relentlessly – hence the screaming.

At three years old he wants nothing more than to be with his best friends – he’s going to be social kid.

He currently loves Paw Patrol and PJ Mask and is elated when he gets to watch Netflix.

He’s potty trained and I’ve never been more excited to cancel an Amazon subscription.

Every night I put him to bed he requests the song “I love to see the temple” and he insists on knowing what breakfast will be.

He’s funny with clothes and if it is a button up shirt or a polo – he prefers it buttoned all the way to the top. Unfortunately, those buttons are not usually used on kids and they are hard as can be with their little necks and it’s often unbuttoned and a fight between us.

He loves his little scooter and cruises around on our evening walks – it’s a little weird to not need the big jogging stroller anymore.

He insists on brushing his teeth by himself and yet refuses to pull up his underwear without help.

He wants a bagel for lunch nearly every day with a cheese stick and gogurt. He also loves his carrots and ranch dip and I often find half eaten carrots throughout the house.

Somewhere along the line he must have said something that we told him was a “bad word”. Now he says something random like “Crybaby bop-it” and then assures me, “that’s not a bad word mom, crybaby bop it isn’t bad is it?!” I have no clue where this kid comes up with stuff!

He’s a puzzler. Every single day there are puzzles across our floor – I’m confident he picked up that interest from our other puzzler, Cannon.

I often find him talking to Alexa – he’s mastered playing the Trolls soundtrack – it took Alexa a while to figure out what he was saying, but now trolls is constantly playing.

We call him our little “Silly Billy” and it fits him perfectly. We sure do love this guy!