Briggs cannot get enough of his birthday gifts. (These little alphabet robots from Lakeshore learning were a recommendation from my sister – and they’ve been a huge hit!)

Even more surprising is the toys were a hit across all ages – it was as if the birthday gifts were communal! Luckily Briggs is young and has been okay seeing everyone playing with his toys.

But it’s funny as kids grow (at least in our home) they seem to grow more possessive of their things and especially gifts. It could be a gift they never play with but the minute someone else wants to play suddenly it’s a very special toy and no one else can play with it. Its as if it has more value the more people are interested in it regardless of their own personal interest in it. We are funny creatures aren’t we?

Briggs’ example of generously sharing his gifts was a good reminder that his joy was not divided – but joy was multiplied as so many more played with his toys. Definitely a concept we need to stress a little bit more as we’re raising our kids.