We find him reading in some of the most unusual places – like sitting backwards on a tricycle on our walkway outside. Or perched on top of the stairs. Or walking off the bus. But the bottom line is he’s reading and his love for reading has taken off this year.

I wish I had the magic sauce for creating passionate readers. But the reality is, even though we have our kids read every day, it still doesn’t make them love reading. Some love it more than others and sometimes all it takes is a good book to get them hooked. Bennett has found his groove and he’s loving every book he pulls from our closet shelf.

This is the book he’s currently reading.

Hunter got it for Christmas but Bennett knows no boundaries when it comes to reading. I’m pretty sure he looks through the closet and determines his reading level based on the size of the font (despite my constant efforts to put books in order of level). He reads a chapter and if he understands what’s going on, he keeps reading!