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For the past several months, we’ve been studying the New Testament as a family. Some days are better than others and at any given time only two of three kids may be listening. But we’re making a deliberate effort! And just when we think it’s pointless because no one seems to be paying attention some kid  pulls out information that we weren’t even sure they learned and Steve and I glance at each other and realize some of it is sinking in.

We had one of those moments this weekend.

Cannon came running into the house crying and screaming that Briggs hit him. Briggs trailed behind him and looked a little guilty. However, Bennett trailed just behind Briggs and was going to make sure to set the record straight. Yes, Briggs did hit Cannon, but only after Cannon first hit Briggs. My gaze went from one kid to the other as this story played out and finally my eyes landed back at Cannon who clearly felt there was an injustice – regardless of being the one who started it all.

And through his tears he explained, “But that was the old law.” Everyone was a little confused as he repeated himself louder and with more conviction. “BUT THAT’S THE OLD LAW!” And then we realized what he was so adamantly explaining. We recently talked as a family about the difference between the Old Testament Laws vs the New Testament laws. We had explained that the old law was very strict with complete exactness and punishment – eye for eye. If someone hits you, you hit them back. We then explained the new law with the coming of the Savior and how it changed and how he taught of forgiveness – to turn the other cheek.

Cannon had hit first – but with the new law Briggs should not have hit him back. Briggs was living by the old law by hitting back and he was not happy about it.

At some point amid Cannon rolling around the floor during scripture study he was clearly listening more than we were giving him credit. He understood exactly what we had taught…he just missed the part about do no harm to others! We’ll have a follow-up lesson to make sure he understands the concept even better! 🙂