Here’s life according to our phones…

A grandparent lunch at the school that turned into a mom and dad lunch.

This is is Hunter – a football jersey, his favorite hat and his trademark socks.

Two year old shenanigans.

I have so many photos in this exact spot. When I’m cooking dinner, I can see a pink color cast across the backyard I run out to this spot and I’m never disappointed!

Basketball game with friends. The Suns may not be very good – but it’s always fun when they’re playing a high profile team.

Lunch in the playhouse – before Cannon started growing out his hair.

The next picture in this series is Briggs attempting to eat the whole bowl of noodles in one shot.

Fiesta bowl for Steve’s work – Hunter was a last minute add when there was an extra ticket and he was living his best life watching college football that close and personal.

The guest room took a beating during our kitchen remodel. Everything took up temporary residence here.

Our kids gave us a little gift of words of affirmation for Christmas.

Girls night out – which usually only happens for one of our birthdays which isn’t often enough.

Cannon took home the coveted watermelon and donuts at the cousin gift exchange and he was over-the-moon excited.

Yes, I was fully dressed and in my bathrobe (because I was a little chilled) cutting trim in the backyard. Steve has many pictures that look very similar to this. This is real life! 🙂

A little Saturday afternoon hike to the Wind Caves.

Game night with friends. If you haven’t played Codenames – give it a shot.

I walked into the bathroom to do some trim work – and found Steve had drew me a little picture in the dust layer on the mirror.

Speaking of dust – welcome to my work shop on the patio. This is where my dad and I spent a lot of time a few weeks back – it’s where all the magic happens.

While my dad and I were working on the patio with the power tools – we had two full days of rain. Over two inches fell in a 24-hour period and for the first time since moving here, I saw the superstition mountains covered in snow. A rare sight for us and it was beautiful.

Cannon loves his night time reading with Steve. Each night Steve lays next to Cannon in bed and reads a chapter or two from the books Cannon received at Christmas.

Sunday night potluck with friends – as you can tell these boys can’t stand the idea of eating with friends.

Hallie just being Hallie – with her hummus snack.

We take turns hosting our kid’s friends and this particular night we had the rowdy boys over for pizza and backyard football. Steve owed them pizza after losing a bet to them earlier this year.

After school on the driveway. Basketball, bikes and scooters. What afternoon dreams are made of.