Project week with my dad – I look forward to this week all year long!  And then I’m always left wishing I could have another week. 🙂

He came to our rescue this year helping us finish up some projects left over from our remodel. I’ve been slowly plugging away since before Christmas, but I was saving some projects that I knew my dad would could help me with and he helped me check off boxes.

We’re usually working on a larger project and it takes the whole time. But this go around I would have him help with something and we’d get it 75% done and then I’d push it aside and start a new project. He loves it when I do this!  I was just trying to capitalize on what I needed his help for and then once it was almost done I knew I could finish it up on my own.

We built some pantry cabinets/shelves. This is what I was most looking forward to. We’ve had all the appliances sitting on the floor in this space so it was time to build something permanent.

We also did some projects with walnut which required piecing. (And took a whole day of sanding!)

We built a 5ft floating bench in the pantry and an even longer floating shelf underneath the sinks in our bathroom.

On top of that we installed a door, did trim work and other random things that just needed love. Have I mentioned how much I love project week? Even more grateful that he’s willing to come put up with me and my crazy ideas!

I also love having him in our home with my kids. We watched Bennett, Hallie and Hunter all play sports. Played chess, watched movies and sports, went for walks..