Sometimes I organize a space. And then I reorganize it again and again trying to make it function better.

But sometimes I organize a space and I get it right the first time and it stays organized for years with little to no maintenance – which was the case for my spices. After the remodel, when we were pulling our kitchen from boxes, I had to smile as I placed the spices back in a drawer (right next to the stove). It was like this in our old kitchen and it was easy to replicate that in our new space. I know where everything is and spices never get lost in the deep abyss of the cupboard.

Spice Organization

I bought uniform jars from Penzey’s spices and used my label maker to put labels on the top of the jars.  I keep all the bulk spices in another drawer and refill when necessary. (The other side of this drawer has the same jars in a smaller size for less used spices – spices that I don’t have a bulk container of and chances are it will be years before I go through the small bottle.)

My spices have been organized like this for over 10 years and I haven’t had to make adjustments. Makes me wish I could nail it the first time on all my other organizing projects!

Spice OrganizationSpice Organization