Getting 7 people ready to go to snow is the ultimate mom patience test. (And for those that put this gear on your kids on a regular basis – I salute you – it is no easy task. And especially frustrating when someone decides they need to go to the bathroom after all their gear is on!) I am grateful for warm climate living that grants us opportunities to visit snow when we choose!

Because our snow gear is used on rare occasion, every time we pull it out, kids are having to try on pants and boots and gloves to make sure we have something for everyone. And after that, we’re trying to locate the coats that are used sporadically throughout the year.

This room was littered with clothing for a day and a half until everything we needed was collected. While Steve was getting the kids fitted for skis – I was making sure we wouldn’t freeze. I’m trying to picture Steve’s mom doing this for 9 kids when he was growing up when they’d pack up the van and head to Utah for spring break. I’m starting to see an advantage to the old 70’s one piece snowsuits where the gloves were attached.

It was about halfway through this process I started second-guessing the idea of taking the kids skiing.

It was just another reminder that creating experiences for kids is not always easy!