Everyone needs Hunter in their life. He is playful and he’s always up for joke and he keeps us laughing. A more recent example…

Hallie wanted to make sure her chocolate bunny didn’t get confused with the five identical chocolate bunnies in the house. So she inscribed a message: “Hallie’s DO NOT EAT!”

It sat on the counter for two days like this. And then we noticed the message had changed. It read, “Hallie’s You Can Eat! If you want”.

At first glance it appeared Hallie was being rather generous with her bunny – and if Hunter had been able to keep a straight face, he wouldn’t have looked as guilty. We left it on the counter until Hallie had a chance to see it, she immediately blamed Hunter…and she was right. Luckily, it sat far enough back on the counter that the younger kids didn’t see it and take advantage of the prompting!