Several years back, Steve and I were asked to speak on Easter Sunday. It sounds cliche to say, but I was grateful to have spent so much time studying the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ on the final week of his life. This year I find myself in the same position, yet again speaking on Easter Sunday (of course with a different topic, although still related to Jesus Christ) and I’m once again grateful to have put so much effort into studying as we come into Easter. Although Easter is not one of my favorite holidays as far as traditions are concerned, it is one of my favorite holidays as I focus and reflect on things far more important in my life. This has been and is still my very favorite quote in regards to Easter.

I hope those that are heavy with sorrow and pain and heartache feel some peace this weekend as they celebrate Easter and more importantly celebrate Jesus Christ. He brings hope and clarity to my life and I love the opportunity to focus on Him. Happy Easter.