He has been talking about his 8th birthday since the day he turned 7. 🙂

Here’s a couple things we love about Bennett:

He is by far the most expressive person in the family. Whatever the situation is – he will have a face to show his feelings towards it.

He loves to read. He caught the bug last year and he’s flown through the books in the closet. Whenever he knows there’s a possibility of him getting a gift – he’s requesting a book.

He is always looking forward to something and he needs to be looking forward to something. He wants to talk about it, he wants to full understand what he can expect and heaven help us all if the plan has to change for one reason or another. We’re teaching what flexibility means!

He’s funny and enjoys being the jokester. On April fools he took 6 brand new boxes of cereal and poured popcorn seasoning into them. The family was not too happy with him and he left for school a little deflated. Steve turned the tables on him and showed up at his school lunch with a happy meal…filled with vegetables. He’s a good sport.

He has more energy than any of us know what to do with and my mom keeps telling me the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. This year has been to good for him to start playing sports to get some of that energy out.

He loves and adores his older brother and wants nothing more than to be just like him. Hunter is working on being more kind in those situations.

He loves food. (probably because he burns so much energy!) and he is the one that can hear the crinkling of a wrapper all the way from his bedroom. Can hide anything from this guy.

He’s looking forward to his baptism and a birthday party with friends. And tomorrow he’ll start counting down to his 9th birthday. Life is good when you’re 8!