It’s been a little quiet on the blog lately. The blog is quiet – but our house is loud and we would choose loud over and over again.

It is spring break in Utah, which means Arizona gets plenty of visitors in search of warmer weather. Both Steve’s sister any my brother were in town last week and my my brother and his family stayed with us for the week. I’m pretty sure its going to take me a week (if not longer!) to catch up on all the sleep! Why can we not just have the same spring break!?

Our kids were in school – their kids were obviously not, so we had to get creative to maximize the time together. As a result, we had some late nights and unfortunately early mornings. (After kids were in bed we went and played pickle ball until midnight on several nights!)  There was one day where my eyes ached from being so tired and I found myself back in bed when Briggs went down for a nap. And although I couldn’t turn around this week and do it all over again – Give me a week of rest and I’d do it again! There is never a shortage of fun with this family.