We celebrated Bennett and his baptism back in May – and he couldn’t have been more happy with the day of attention and love.

Steve baptized Bennett, my mom played the piano, all the primary aged kids sang a song and Hallie gave a talk. (She reminded us that she also spoke at Hunter’s baptism and Hunter should be able to have the opportunity to speak for the next two baptisms!)

Bennett was fortunate enough to have both sets of grandparents by his side to celebrate his special day…

Along with plenty of cousins and friends who love him and support him. (A picture of those we could catch!)

My best laid plans never seem to work out, and as we were driving home from the church for the celebration dinner that we had set up outside, a nice storm moved in. The lights, the tables, linens, centerpieces…it was all for nothing. When we got home, we made a mad dash to move things inside before they were ruined. That’s just how it goes sometimes!