I’ve never been to a father/sons camp. (obviously!) And I have in my head what it may be like. Each year I’m realizing my vision for what actually goes on is farther and farther from the truth.

I know they eat junk food and pal around with their friends while the dad’s attend to the fire and make sure nobody falls in. I always remind Steve – like a million times – to take pictures and videos. He’s been married to me long enough you’d think he would remember and realize my threats are real…but every year I remind him anyway.

This year, was no different. He was rushing to pack the car and I’m running behind him listing off all the things he may have forgot. Did you remember toothbrushes? In years past he played along and would go grab the toothbrushes to make me think they actually used them while they were away. Not this year. Nope. He was honest and told me they don’t use them anyway so he wasn’t going to bother with grabbing them. Fair enough.

Toothbrushes I’m willing to give on – pictures I am not. It was Briggs’ first year going – all the boys camping together without the girls for the first time. It was monumental on both sides. Unfortunately for me, the pictures are minimal. And if I read anything into the photos I will assume that neither Bennett or Cannon were able to make it camping this year. 🙂

I kid. I’ll take three pictures because there was a year that Steve didn’t take even one photo until they hit the Wendy’s to grab lunch on their way home.

Even with these photos I don’t know if I have any better idea as to what they actually did – besides build a fire – because we know that’s what’s most important when camping.