A couple days late – but it’s never too late to honor this guy!

Life is a balance and Steve has worked hard to make sure his family gets his attention – even when life and work and church are demanding. He has made an effort to take time with each kid – however he can get it. That may mean coaching a kid’s team. Or playing Uno over lunch. Or movie nights. Bike rides. Bedtime reading.

He’s deliberate and present – two things he has been mindful of. And it’s never gone unnoticed – he’s just as good of a husband as he is a father and we’re all grateful for all he does.

The kids wanted to make sure he felt special. His favorite treats: reeses pieces and IBC rootbeer. A handwritten banner with memories and love notes. A special poem. And the traditional Father’s day survey where Briggs thinks he’s 4 years old and Cannon said his favorite outfit is pajamas. They always make for a good laugh.

Steve is the glue. He is the calm. He is the fun. Life would be boring without him. I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my partner in parenthood.