Two years ago, Hallie was so excited to get her braces on. And then she sat in the chair as they told her all the things she should stay away from. And then the pain set in. And her gums became bloody and swollen. And in a matter of a few days, the novelty of braces wore off and there was no more excitement.

That excitement resurfaced about 6 weeks ago when the orthodontist said she was nearing the end of her treatment (8 weeks earlier than anticipated because she was religious about wearing her bands as prescribed!). She had a countdown calendar in her room. She was most excited that all of our summer road trip photos would be braces free.

At that moment I felt the need to remind her at that I had braces for almost 5 years and got them off just before my senior year. (That doesn’t include the 2nd time I had braces!) Getting them off before 8th grade feels like a luxury – she agreed!

Happy braces free summer girl!