We celebrated this sweet guy all weekend long. (We like to spread birthdays over several days to really make the most out the annual event. Birthday lunch one day, cake the next, presents a day after that. We just keep the celebration going!)

A couple things we love about Steve:

His favorite shirt (warn in the cake picture above) is a cat pun shirt. Our good friends sent it to him during his petsmart days and it reads, “You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow.” No we don’t do cats…or any animal for that matter. But he loves the shirt and he cracks me up every time he wears it.

He loves experiences over things. I like to joke that by buying things we can create experiences…he disagrees on most accounts, unless that thing happens to be a boat. Still hoping that is in our future!

He’s a terrible at holding a tune but that doesn’t stop him from belting out songs in the kitchen and totally embarrassing his kids.

He does the breakfast cooking. I would be totally happy with cereal every morning – Steve has grander plans. Yes, we still eat cereal, but several days a week he makes a hot breakfast – he gets to sit and talk with the kids while he makes it and while they eat it. He doubles the time he spends with the kids in the morning.

His favorite family movie is Megamind and he has the whole thing memorized and quotes it often. The kids know better than to watch it without him.

We all agree he makes life fun. (He does have his limits however and he doesn’t love dressing up for Halloween, but he’s been a willing participant for many years!)

Happy birthday!