Every year as we wrap up our summer road trip we always ask our kids what the highlight of the trip was. Never failing, Lake Powell is at the top of every kid’s list.

This was the first year we brought Briggs (The first year we felt confident he would be able to keep a life jacket on 24/7) and even he had the time of his life. When we first arrived and got out of the car to start loading stuff on the house boat Briggs had a little freak out moment as we were trying to force him into his life jacket. He was not having it and we immediately regretted bringing him. Luckily, we had another style life jacket and the minute we swapped it out he was happy for the rest of the trip.

This picture pretty much sums up Briggs’ experience: Life jacket on, sucker in one hand, ice cream in the other. He won the hearts of everyone on the boat and every time I turned around it seemed as though someone was handing him a treat or snack. He was a charmer.

Bennett tried knee boarding for the first time (I didn’t know anyone even did this anymore!) and he LOVED it. I think more than anything he just liked trying something new and feeling successful at it. Next year he’s committed to learning how to wake surf.

The trampoline was a new feature this year and it was a huge hit. Every day is was WWF as the boys battled it out and pushed each other off. I could have been entertained all day watching that trampoline. Never a shortage of laughs.

Steve found his surfing groove. I on the other hand am mastering the art of letting go of the rope and just riding smoothly behind the boat. I find the sweet spot and I just cruise!

The kids love cliff jumping. Bennett loves it most of all the kids. He’s always the first one to jump. (what’s crazy about Lake Powell is there are areas over 500′ deep. So we’ll find really deep little coves where the kids can choose how high they want to jump from. Everyone seems to master their fear at a different level.) Cannon jumped for the first time this year and it was at diving board level and he was proud as could be.

We love these people. We love that they are so generous with all their toys. We love that we can gather once a year and catch up. We love that our kids are friends. We love that all those years ago we all crossed paths in Milwaukee. We love Lake Powell!