These cute cousins showed up to support Hallie in her basketball game.

Hunter and his buddies make up all sorts of games. I’m not sure the rules of this game but they sure were laughing.

They cancelled the mother/son dodge ball game at the school the day of, which meant we had to improvise our time together. We rode bikes to grab drinks.

Hallie participated in human foosball for an activity at church.

There is a wild peacock in the neighborhood and we came across it driving home one evening. We’ve seen it a couple times since, including one time in our front yard. My experience with peacocks is limited, but I’ve learned they are surprisingly loud.

Semi-annual conference breakfast with Steve’s brother’s family. The menu is the same every time and we look forward to it for 6 months.

Nothing to see here…

Surprise birthday lunch for my sister-in-law for her milestone birthday.

I can’t tell you how many animal pictures I have from our friend’s house. Ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys, goats…we keep asking when the alpaca is showing up!

Pajama pizza party with Hallie.

We don’t typically do birthdays with the family but when you have so many family members that live in the area that share the same birthday month – you do a family birthday party.

I often get told these cousins look a like – the older they get, the more I see it.

Bridal shower for my niece getting married. We don’t seem to get together unless there is an event – but there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of events.

Bennett is the master at creative art and he makes sure that I document it. Hungry monsters devour pizza. 🙂

The home projects still haven’t ceased. Trimming out windows in the playroom – I had motivation – now it’s time to putty and caulk and the motivation is gone.

Dinner with our Milwaukee friends who came to visit Phoenix. That’s the great thing about Phoenix, we always have visitors.

And that’s a wrap…for now!