I got a panicked phone call from Hallie, “The trampoline is gone! I don’t know where it went.”

A storm was moving in and as the wind picked up Hallie and Hunter decided to pull in the pool towels and pool floaties. While they were bringing everything in they looked over and noticed the trampoline was gone. That’s when I got the panicked call.

I had her walk around to the front of the house to see if she could locate it. Luckily enough she found it in our front yard, slightly mangled. The wind had picked it up and over the backyard fence. As it flew out of the backyard it made contact with the basketball hoop cemented in the driveway. (This is an assumption because no one saw it happen and yet the basketball hoop is now leaning and half the springs were deposited on the driveway.)

It then continued to the front yard taking out the orange tree we planted a few years back. The tree that I had just commented earlier this week was going to bear fruit for the first time ever!

The trampoline has seen better days. We put a brand new mat on it just two months ago – and by some miracle in all of the mess, it didn’t get a single tear!

We’re just lucky the kids weren’t playing basketball in the driveway or that we had a car parked there!

We drove the neighborhood tonight – and people were hit hard. The news shows our little area was in the eye of the storm as it quickly moved north; pulling up so many trees, roots and all, out of the ground.

After driving around and seeing the destruction, we went home, changed clothes and got to work clearing roads and yards. An email went out to the neighborhood letting everyone know who needed help and an army of people, old and young, buzzed around getting everyone cleaned up. Within three hours most everyone had been taken care of just in time for the rain to pick up again.

Fingers crossed we don’t wake up to any more destruction!