The end of a 14 year era…it was time to take the crib down.

This crib has had a lot of love (and shockingly still in great condition!). It has held my most precious possessions since the day we brought them home from the hospital. It has held my crying babies and angry toddlers. It has held the rambunctious jumping child and the most sleepy of heads. It has held special blankies and random toys. It has held so many memories.

I have laid next to this crib with my arm tight against the rails as I rub a back or head. I’ve fallen asleep next to this crib as I anxiously wait for a child to fall asleep. Kids have squeezed under the crib in many games of hide and seek. I can’t even count how many times this crib has been wiped down from sticky and germ-y fingers. The kids have climbed in and the kids have climbed out.

It has been a central point in our home for a long time now. And then the kids grew. They grew and grew and the crib couldn’t seem to hold their big bodies and blossoming personalities much longer. Briggs was in the crib the longest and that’s because no one came after him to kick him out, but he looked like a giant climbing in and out of that thing.

So it was time to say goodbye. One last sleepy head, one last bedtime song, one last leg flung over the side of the rail and one grateful heart for so much love for a some pieces wood. It has served its purpose well.