The swimsuits are still wet from all the swimming we’ve done this summer but we’re hanging up beach towels for backpacks tomorrow morning.

We had are annual back to school dinner and I’m happy to report that my kids have taken over the tradition! Steve and I decided on a theme and we passed that information on to Hallie and Hunter and they ran with it. I love having older kids!!

Bennett was a little concerned that it wasn’t going to be up to par with dinners we’ve had in the past but realized how silly of a thought that was as he saw the skittles being dumped on the table. (To add to it, years ago for one of the dinners we had oversized lemon drops on the table and for whatever reason, he can’t seem to get those candies out of his mind. When he found out that I didn’t buy any lemon drops it added to his disappointment of what this dinner could possible achieve. It’s all about managing expectations with that one!) He later reported that this dinner was “magical”. His words, not mine!

Our theme this year is “I can and I will” – First believing we can do what we put our minds to and then working to make it happen. It also pairs with the scripture “I will go and do” which is a favorite.

Hallie and Hunter even included sticky notes on the table for us to fill out individual I can and I will thoughts.

They’re excited and there doesn’t seem to be much anxiousness. Even with Cannon who’s starting kindergarten. He still hasn’t decided which backpack he’s going to go with but he’s got two to choose from tomorrow morning!

Happy back to school in 110* weather!