As expected, I held it together just fine as I dropped off Briggs today at his first day of preschool. Briggs, however, did not keep it together.

He was so excited all morning long. He was talking and dancing and being totally silly with excitement. Even in the car we were jamming out to his favorite song and he was all smiles. I opened up the car door to get him out. He gave me a panicked look and the minute his foot stepped out of the car he was in tears. Not even his very best buddies could cheer him up as we walked into the house.

I passed him off to the teacher and she reminded Briggs that Hunter and Bennett and Cannon all sat in those chairs and loved her class. She put her arm around him and pulled him in a for a hug and the crying stopped. And lucky for the teacher it didn’t start back up again. He was a happy camper the rest of the time and he’s already talking about going back.

His teacher goes to sooo much effort for these little kiddos – she makes them each a personalized backpack every year. This year’s theme is the jungle – hence the monkey backpack. He absolutely loves it.

She also packs it full of fun things and he loved exploring all his new supplies.