Our last and final leg on our summer road trip was a short two night layover with my brother’s family in Utah after our family reunion. We wanted just a little more time in Utah so we could see our nephew who had just returned from his mission and attend a concert my brother got tickets for.

My nephew got home and days later he was hard at work (at the same place that Steve’s sister, and two other nephews also work). We stopped in for just a minute to catch a quick tour and say hello. I missed the memo that it was red day!

We were conveniently in town for our niece’s birthday – total win.

The girls took a trip to the temple.

And we took Hallie and Hunter to their first concert. My brother has access to tickets through his company and when he called a week before asking if we wanted to stay an extra night to go to Shawn Mendes (and Alessia Cara), we were in!

The kids were really excited. Hunter’s favorite song for the longest time was Stitches and he made us play it over and over again. He was beaming when Shawn finally sung that song. The concert did not disappoint and we all knew more songs than we expected.

With the concert under our belt, we were ready to return home to Arizona. We woke up the next morning and drove, and drove and drove some more. We returned home that night to fresh chips and salsa on our doorstep from our friends and the most beautiful sunset that was basically saying welcome back to the scorching heat! We loved our time away and it felt equally good to be home.