We drove just over 3,000 miles and hit Utah, Idaho and Oregon.

We were gone for 37 days and we picked up Steve from the airport twice.

We wore life jackets on 14 out of the 37 days.

We saw license plates for 45 out of the 50 states. We missed Delaware, Maryland, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, West Virginia – do you see the trend?

We saw 11 road kill deer.

We went to Sams Club/Costco 4 times.

We consumed 16 loaves of Grandma Sycamore’s bread. We also bought 8 loaves and brought them home with us and they are now in my freezer. No joke, I have the receipts to prove it. Why, oh why, did they pull those from Costco in Arizona?!? It is our very favorite bread.

We went to the local public library 4 times.

We filled up at gas stations 11 times, I washed my windshield only twice and we never washed the car. We thought about it one day but it would require removing the Thule roof rack storage and it just didn’t seem worth it!

We played tennis 6 times and basketball 5 times.

We only had one potty incident which is pretty amazing since Briggs is new-ish potty trained. It was his first long trip without diapers.

We listened to our road trip playlist…I don’t know how many times, but it was a lot. We know all the words to every song and we know exactly what song is next on the playlist! It was an eclectic playlist that included Imagine Dragons, Queen, Mumford and Sons, Pink, Post Malone and AJR to name a few.

We went to two temples and one concert.

We slept in 6 different beds and every new bed meant another family or friends that we could connect with. This is always the highlight of our summer roadtrips – the people we get to see and spend time with.

They are the reason we are willing to drive thousands of miles and spend hours in the car. Totally worth it.