Yesterday I posted a lovely trip to the lake. We really did have the best time…except maybe Steve. As he was getting in the boat from the dock, he hit his foot on a bench seat that was open up and it brought him to his knees in pain. It was a fluke accident that he would have a hard time recreating and we could all tell he was hurting.

But he muscled through the pain and took two kids wake surfing.

Steve loves surfing and we knew he was in a lot of pain when we tried to get him to go without the kids and he declined the offer – his foot hurt too bad to do it any more.

By the time we got off the lake he was really limping and by the next morning it was looking nice and purple and swollen. Clearly his toe was broken. But our podiatrist was out of town and really what can they do for a broken toe?

Each day his toe started to look better. He still limped around but he felt it was starting to get better.

After four weeks that toe was still causing him pain when it got bumped. He finally went to the doctor (after much prodding) and sure enough the doctor confirmed it was broken. And really hadn’t started healing. Exactly what we predicted.

He got hooked up with a sweet surgical boot to further stabilize the toe in hopes it will start to heal. He’ll wear it for 6-8 weeks – he’ll have follow-up x-rays at the end of the month and fingers crossed it will look better and he can drop the boot. It’s amazing how disrupting a toe injury can be!!