Cannon recently came home with this little project from his first day of school. We’re a month into school now so reading this brought back all the emotions of his first day.

There he stood, in a sea of other boys and girls his age waiting for his kindergarten teacher to come pick up his class. He was a ball of nerves and at one point had tears rolling down his face. He pulled it together just in time and stood in the front of the line as the teacher walked them back to the classroom waving goodbye to all the parents.

He got home from school that day and he talked about the highlights of his day. But I never heard him mention anything about that morning – until this little paper came home. They made this the first day of school and there were a whole list of words they could cut out and put on this paper and he chose worried.

He had so many questions as to who was going to be in his class. Was his teacher going to be nice? What is lunch time going to be like? How does recess work? The questions most kids new to school would ask.

I’m happy to report that he only felt worried for a very short minute. The second day of school he was back at it, excited to eat his lunch, ride the bus and see his friends again. But his initial feelings will forever be immortalized in this little paper sitting his memory box.