We’ve got a special 11-year-old today and he got the birthday treatment!

Doughnuts and birthday bucket at breakfast.

One of his best friends, Scott (who’s currently not attending school because of his burns), was able to surprise him at lunch.

He had a favorite dinner (hot diggity dogs) with special dinner guests and then it was presents and treats and then off to soccer. The only disappointment of the day was the Packers losing to the Eagles.

Hunter is fun. He’s confident. And even better, he’s kind. (although his brothers might disagree at times!)

Earlier this week, we were talking with some people who live in the neighborhood and have a boy Hunter’s age. For the most part they have different interests and they don’t seem to spend a lot of time together aside from annual birthday parties or occasional night games.

But evidently, their boy loves Hunter and really looks up to him. They talked about how kind he is to their boy who isn’t very social and doesn’t do a ton with friends. Their child looks forward to riding the bus because he sits with Hunter. They appreciate how Hunter includes him on the playground even if he’s not the most athletic.

As the parents went on, I could feel of their love for Hunter because of his love for their child. Kindness goes such a long way and Hunter is learning how to give it generously.

Both Steve and I were beaming as they spoke – those are the best parenting moments.

Happy birthday buddy!