Cannon came into my room with a sweatshirt on this morning, asking for me to tame his crazy morning hair.

Me: Why are you wearing a sweatshirt?
Cannon: It’s the first day of fall
Me: I know, but why the sweatshirt?
Cannon: It’s fall.
Me: But it’s 87 degrees outside
Cannon: But it’s fall and its raining.

Can’t argue with that! I did make sure he put a shirt on underneath so when he got hot he could remove the sweatshirt.

Our teachers really have to teach the idea of fall to these kids because it seems as though we run summer to “winter” and never see a true fall. So they talk about the weather cooling off and trees that change colors (which we have, it just happens in January, not October) and apple picking. And all the magic that comes with fall – the thing we miss most (aside from family and friends) about living in the midwest.

Unfortunately, there’s no leaves changing colors. But I have a kindergarten who is going to will cooler weather to come by wearing a sweatshirt until it’s winter when he can switch from a sweatshirt to a coat!