We had Hunter’s curriculum night at his school. He dressed up for the occasion (the whole class did) and was my tour guide around the classroom.

I found this paper exceptionally charming. One of things you need to know about Hunter – “I’ve lived in the same house for eight years. We’ve redone about two fifths of our house and redid our front yard.”

Two fifths? That’s all the credit he’s going to give me? We only have two bathrooms, one bedroom and a laundry room left – that means I’m well over four fifths!! I keep forgetting to ask how he came up with that number!?

Don’t forget it’s important to know he had athlete’s foot in first grade, Hallie threw up on him and he went to the same preschool as his annoying brothers. When asked about his annoying brothers, he said they had to use so many adjectives and that’s what he landed on. Makes sense for a fifth grade boy!