We are finally seeing a break in our weather and this last week we found ourselves outside basking in the sub 100 degree temperatures. We played basketball, we rode bikes and threw the frisbee.

We endure crazy hot summers and we find so much relief and happiness when we hit two digit temperatures again.

As the sun set, the sky morphed into the most beautiful display of colors and I couldn’t help myself from capturing my kids enjoying the night. I shot several silhouettes of the kids and after a picture of Hallie and I turned the camera around to show her the magic I had just captured.

She asked quizzically, “How did you see that? How did you know that picture would turn out when it was so dark?”

I explained that its taken me years to learn how to see light and then even more time to learn how to capture that in the camera. But once you learn how to see the light, you always see the light. Each time I see a ray of warm evening light illuminating behind one of my kids, I want to capture it!

Tonight we went for a bike ride as a family. As we road off into the sunset, Hallie pointed out the light. “Mom, this would make a great silhouette photo, huh?” Yes, yes it would. I love that she’s starting to see the light.