It was Saturday afternoon. The kids had worked hard on their chores all morning long and it was time for lunch. Of course I had just scrubbed the kitchen clean and wasn’t about to let the kids eat in it and reverse all my progress. So I suggested they have a picnic in the playhouse. A few kids were skeptical and didn’t love my plan. And then Hallie piped in with her enthusiasm and suddenly Briggs thought my mediocre idea was the best idea ever! Hallie made it a grand idea.

They were going to be playing school and the playhouse was where they would eat lunch and then they would do more school. They all bought into it hook, line and sinker. They excitedly marched outside with their plates and Steve says, ” She is a gem. What did we do to deserve her?” I couldn’t agree more.

Yes, she’s starting to display moments of teenager-itis. But she’s always quick to recognize when I’m frustrated and relieves me. She knows how to motivate the kids better than anyone and I realize just how much I need her. What can I say? She’s a gem!