I caught Hallie on the couch this afternoon shuffling through the old blog books. She loves to read through the old books from when she was little. I used to record the funny conversations that happened daily. Now that I have more kids, the funny things they say is constant and I don’t do as well recording all the little conversations. Years down the road she’s going to claim she’s the funniest because on the record, it appears to be that way. 🙂

Kara: Lets go get your sandals on
Hallie: Yeah, I love candles, and sing Happy Birthday?
Kara: Not candles, your sandals
Hallie: Yeah, candles, no Happy Birthday?
Kara: Your shoes, your sandals
Hallie: Oh yea, (sigh) my candles

We used to have conversations like this all day long. She was a chatty cathy and she would just follow me around the house talking. I like to remind her of that now that she’s a teenager and suddenly doesn’t have as much to say!