Every day at school Bennett has these quick paragraphs where he answers a prompt. (meant to get thoughts on paper every morning without editing) I get a kick out of some of the things he writes .

One prompt asked what he would do if he was 100 feet tall. The paragraph started out fairly normal before things started sounding familiar – as if I had heard this story. It then dawned on me that the second half of his paragraph was describing the intro video they play at the ASU Football games where Sparky (the mascot) looks to be 100 feet tall compared to the small city he’s walking through on his way to the stadium. In the background, there’s a giant haboob (yes, thats a real word – google it!) and Sparky smashes the opponents bus as he enters the stadium. Most of that made it into his paragraph! 🙂

This writing was fun as well. He really does love Idaho and he really loves my brother’s property. And I realized he’s writing so fast he didn’t even spell his middle name correct!