The first two days we were at the beach house we hunkered down and watched general conference (church on TV as our kids call it). We did puzzles, made friendship bracelets, colored oversized coloring pages and play games while we listened to talks on the tv.

In between sessions we ventured out and found parks to play lawn games and get some energy out.

We rode our bikes everywhere! We went on a self-guided mural tour (more pictures to come), we rode to the pier and to the harbor and up and down the boardwalk. We rode bikes to find treats. We got good use out of all those bikes that we brought from home.

We ate dinner at Ruby’s on the pier and I’m pretty sure the $.10 cardboard cars they gave all the kids were the highlight of the trip for a few of them.

Steve is convinced that In-N-Out always tastes better in California!

We found beach time any chance we could. An hour and half here, 5 hours there. We got our fill and as proof, Briggs fell asleep at the beach each afternoon!

Our first California beach trip with the family was success thanks to friends who showed us the ropes!