Whenever we visit a new place, I do what most people probably do – I google family friendly activities and search through the list until something sounds interesting.

After searching a couple lists, a few things kept popping up, including “Self Guided Mural Tour”. Our kids are a little young to enjoy the arts, but murals on the side of buildings are a completely different story. There was a little map that gave the location of murals big and small throughout Oceanside, mostly within three miles.

On Sunday afternoon, after we had watched two sessions of general conference, it was time to be active and we hopped on bikes in search of murals. This was one of those activities that far exceeded expectations and the kids were excited every time they spotted a building mural. We biked until it got dark that night and we returned home. The next morning they were anxious to get to the beach but it was chilly and we needed to buy some more time for it to warm up.

We gave the kids some options and they opted to get back on bikes and find more murals.

I think they had just as much fun looking at all the pictures after we were done. They all sat crowded on the couch for awhile laughing at their faces and poses and who knows what. If you’re in the area! 🙂