Here’s something you may not know about Steve – if he’s in a group of people and there is a baby, he will at some point be holding that baby.

It’s so cute and tender and I think most people believe he just really loves babies and may even misunderstand that to believe he wants more babies.

But the fact of the matter is he always asks to hold babies because he is looking to relieve the mother/father of their bouncing arm duties. He has been that tired parent and wants to lend a hand (or arm).

I think this stems back to Hallie as a baby – and she was so hard – and anytime someone was willing to hold her we jumped at the chance to get a break. He now repays that favor any chance he can get. It’s usually younger babies he holds because babies start to develop an attachment to parents the older they get.

Sometimes it’s at kids basketball games (like the picture above), or at church, in our home or even strangers on an airplane (you wouldn’t believe how many exhausted mothers are willing to hand their baby to a stranger when they’re on a plane and there’s no threat of them running off with the baby!).

But he’ll just hold that baby, and rock and sway them for just long enough for the parents to have a little break. He’s the baby whisperer.