You know what I love about 6-year-olds – they proudly wear their birthday crown from their teacher ALL. DAY. LONG. They’re not embarrassed by it or think it a nuisance – they do their school work in it, they eat lunch with it, they run all around the playground at recess, they ride the bus home with it – the crown becomes part of who they are. Everyone needs to know it’s a 6-year-olds birthday! And I adore it. (and the boy wearing the crown!)

Another thing I love about 6-year-olds: they love any and every gift you give them. Disappointment is not a possibility on this special day. Every present is the most exciting and the very best despite the simpleness of it all. Oh to be six again!

He’s at the age where its cool and fun for your parents and younger brother to bring you lunch at school for your birthday – his lunch of choice: a bean burrito from Taco Bell.

He really is the happiest. I think its part personality, part age – but either way we love it!