I’m not one to reinvent the wheel so when I throw a successful kid’s birthday party, I mentally file it away and save it for another kid.

Hallie’s 6-year-old bubble party was a smashing success and I knew it would be the just right party for Cannon’s 6-year-old party.

I may have been wrong.

Despite what social media tells us, parties don’t always go as planned and it’s not always rainbows and butterflies and bubbles!

For the record, Cannon loved his party and had no clue that we were putting out fires left and right. It was almost comical. The kids loved all the activities but for whatever reason there was one problem or another and this kid was crying and then another was and so-and-so kept popping their bubbles, and this person isn’t sharing the wands…and that’s how it went.

I’m a photographer and I never have a problem hosting a party and shooting the photos, ever. But after this party, I had very few photos. We were just holding on until the end of the party!

Like I said before, Cannon was clueless and the kids walked away happy but Steve and I were both scratching our heads saying, “We’ve thrown this party before – but with much different results!” That’s just how it goes sometimes. At least we sent them home so fresh and so clean, clean!