Steve and I determined that Briggs mispronounces words more than any of our other kids. I think part of it is we all think it’s so cute when he says words wrong, we rarely correct him!

Briggs started going to ASU (Arizona State) games at a really young age and I think he may grow up to be the largest fan in the family. But one thing he says wrong all the time is ASU – instead he says ESU. He chants ESU, ESU. He always asks if there’s and ESU game or if we can watch ESU on the TV.

The best is he tries putting on his ESU shirt every day. Even when I tell him its in the dirty clothes and I put other clothes on him, he ends up in that shirt at some point during the day. He’s always asking where his ESU shirt is and if I can wash it for him – it’s going to be heartbreaking when he outgrows this two time hand me down from Bennett. It’s been a good shirt!

And we’ll hear him chanting ESU all weekend long!