This may be considered the remodel that never ends. It was a year ago that we got our last kitchen appliance hooked up and running water again. The very best day.

I switched out my nail gun for a dewalt cordless nail gun (Aff link) and it is a game changer. I was nervous as to how it would compare to the compressor and hose – its way better and far more convenient! I haven’t had any jams or misfires which is why I made the switch initially – my old nail gun was just not performing how I needed it to.

And yet a year later, we’re still here plugging away. Finishing trim. Filling holes. Caulking. The finishing work that I just stopped noticing was not complete. But every time I went to wash the filthy hand prints off the trim work, I was reminded that it had yet to be painted which made it look like it was never clean.

When I thought my parents were coming for a visit, I kicked it into ultra high gear to get it all done and painted. The thought of company always gets me to finish a couple things that I had been putting off!

The trim. The doors. The moulding. It’s all painted. Finally. Its like a new house all over again!