Before Scott went back to school, we had some therapy dates (he has hours and hours of therapy at the hospital every week, but he also has home exercises he has to do multiple times a day.). Briggs thought it was a special play date for him with Hunter’s friend but really the play date was for Scott.

We had a list of therapy exercises we had to go through – some harder than others – before we could receive any rewards – like meeting all his buddies at school for lunch! Which happened to be the best motivation for him.

One exercise that Briggs liked to help with was the putty prizes. Scott used his fingers to pull out little beads and other surprises from the putty and Briggs got so excited he started pulling out the prizes for him! Which defeats the purpose of the exercise so we made it a fun game for Briggs to hide the prizes back in the putty!

Briggs’ second favorite therapy exercise was playing Sorry. Scott was a good sport as Briggs moved his pieces all over the board and changed the rules every time he flipped a card over. But Scott was able to get his finger exercises in regardless of the changing of the rules!

As much as Briggs loved having a friend visit during the day, we’re all grateful Scott’s back in school!