Between my phone and Steve’s phone and the kids stealing both of our phones to take pictures we end up with a whole lot of nonsense – and along with that we get some keepers.

Here’s our life according to the phone…

Briggs loves the football helmet. He loves falling into the couch while trying to catch the ball. He’s a mini Hunter.

Cannon failed his school hearing test so we went to our nephew doctor for a second opinion. Luckily all is well.

Bennett is loving wearing his hair longer. He loved it even more when I get him a topknot!

Hunter got ready for school one day only to realize we were in matching shirts. Who doesn’t want to match their awesome mom?

Hallie is with friends every weekend and when they come over to our house I get a couple surprises like this on my phone.

Just a normal trip to target during Halloween season. 🙂

I thought it was funny that Cannon was eating his chewy sprees off a mini cake plate.

Not sure who took this, but I love it.

Hunter and his buddies playing Q-bitz after I don’t know how many rounds of speed on the basketball court.

Hallie’s school/homework schedule has been a little intense and part of that is a massive science project she’s been working on since the beginning of the school year. Can’t wait for it to be over.

I taped up Hallie’s test for Steve to see when she worked so hard and got a 100% on it. Before long I noticed Hunter and Bennett had both taped up their 100% tests as well.

We made it to some high school volleyball games to support our niece. This particular game, by a stroke of bad luck all of my kids was wearing blue or orange which happened to be the exact colors of the opposing team.

Steve and I take turns spending time at the soccer fields Tuesday or Thursday nights. Although we live in Arizona – it does get cold enough to need jackets and for whatever reason 65 degrees here seems way colder than 65 degrees anywhere else in the states!

Briggs showed up to nursery at church and there was a nearly life size cutout of him. He thought it was so funny and he was a little scared to get too close to it.

Cannon’s special Thanksgiving placemat. He’s grateful for Love, Friends, Family, Military and Food.

After school reading.

Hallie was bumped up to the older age category for her tennis tournament and walked away with 2nd place.

A selfie at our family pictures. Which in all reality our entire family pictures session was selfie because we took them all with a timer. The kids are getting much better at this thank heavens.

I don’t know where I saw this but it made me chuckle. This is me to a T.

Rainy day waiting for the school bus. It’s a rare occasion and its always a little bit of a treat. As long as it lasts one day. And doesn’t interfere with the recess schedule or after school sports!