Briggs decided to help himself to the salsa on the counter. This stuff is liquid gold in our house and it breaks my heart to see any drop wasted!

Cannon was beaming after his color run.

Bennett always asks to go watch Hunter at soccer practice – he loves watching just as much as he loves playing.

Sibling bonding time.

More Halloween fun at Target. Every time we went, Briggs wanted to try a new costume on.

This is our victory photo after a semi-successful family photo shoot with the camera timer.

Briggs can’t understand why his twin friends get to sleep and eat at the same house. Any time he gets to be at their house and be one of their brothers is a treat.

Candy sale at Target. Without planning, I ran into my good friends. We sent out a text the night before sharing the sale info and we all showed up within 10 minutes of each other!

Another day, Briggs in yet another costume. Always getting a laugh out of us.

Hallie has a locker (which she keeps locked) in her closet to keep her brother’s out of her things. I was in her room one day and it was unlocked so I checked it out. Just a little stash – not sure how long some of this stuff has been in there!

Family service party rolling t-shirts for the turkey trot. We rolled 1100 shirts that night.

Mother/son game night at the school – dodgeball, corn hole and 9-square. Bennett was beaming with pride that I was the best mom playing dodgeball.

Remove the couches from a room and suddenly it’s the best room in the house. Cartwheels, football and wrestling. The space has never been more loved.

A last minute invite to the Suns game is always a good idea.

Sunday morning breakfast and Steve was home with us for a change – so he made us breakfast. I wish he was around more Sunday mornings.

Just call him slick.

Everyone has been sharing their beanie boos with Briggs. He always manage to stash a couple under his covers. This particular afternoon he invited the whole zoo into his bed.