It’s been a while since we’ve had any injuries and luckily this little incident didn’t add another set of stitches to Hunter’s eye/eyebrow (he’s already got two scars from when he was younger.)

Hunter gathered with his friends and their dad’s last week over Thanksgiving break for a little turkey bowl flag football. (Bennett is now at the level that he can play with the big kids and he couldn’t be more happy about it).

Bennett got a long ball and Hunter was going to make sure he caught him before Bennett made it for a touchdown. As Hunter caught up to him, somehow Bennett’s head hit Hunter’s head and I’ll give you one guess as to who had to come home early! I’m not sure what hurt more, his eye or his pride knowing that his little brother got to stay at the field playing with all of his friends!

Hunter had a nice goose egg which turned to a swollen shut eye and eventually just a black eye. Today it’s turning a nice shade of green and when Briggs pointed out to his friend that Hunter had a black eye, the friend took one look and said, “That’s not black, that’s purple and green!”

Grateful we dodged stitches!