You know how you don’t fully appreciate your parents until you’re a parent yourself? I had one of those moments this weekend when I was driving 40 minutes away for the second day of Hunter’s soccer tournament, his fourth game in 24 hours.

The thought came to me – my parents did this for years – except they had several kids playing competitive soccer at the same time and I was one of them. I’m driving one boy to and from practice and games and it’s a lot. I can’t imagine multiple kids doing this!

I continue to get glimpses of what my parents experienced/sacrificed when I was younger and it’s humbling to feel of their love for me years after the fact. They really did give up so much – I think every parent does.

I’m realizing the things we do for our kids now may not often be appreciated but I have a feeling they will eventually understand the sacrifice and love – just as I continue to all these years later.

And although 4 games in 24 hours is a little excessive for my liking – I love watching him play. I feel his excitement, I understand his frustration – It takes a lot, but it’s also rewarding.