This week, Hallie has been working through high school registration.

It kind of snuck up on me – I guess I figured it would come later in the semester. But it hit this week and suddenly we’re talking about graduation requirements and trying to figure out how to fit everything in her schedule.

We had a parent night at the high school where they were giving an overview of the process. She’s our oldest so this is all new to us and I brought her along.

Although Steve attended this high school when he was younger, I’ve only been to the front office and the gymnasium, so Steve was giving us directions as to where to park to get to the auditorium. As we walked through the gates Hallie commented on just how big the campus was. (We learned at the open house, it sits on 60 acres!) I had to agree with her – this campus seemed huge compared to the high school I attended.

She reminisced about the first time she walked on her junior high campus and at the time it seemed huge. And now it seems so small. Just like walking into kindergarten for the first time and the school seems to go on forever. And by the time you leave in 6th grade, you seemed to have outgrown the school.

I have no doubt, in no time at all this school won’t feel quite so large to her. And then she’ll walk on a college campus for the first time and we’ll probably have this same conversation. Everything seems larger than it is, until it’s familiar and comfortable. That’s what we keep telling her as she looks at us wide eyed with each unfamiliar step she takes.